1 Bushwick


MPFP, working alongside Perkins Eastman’s Studio 9, introduced nearly 18,000 square feet of public access space, open to residents, workers, and guests, centered in a new 8-story development in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood. The site, located between Evergreen Avenue and Stanwix Street is slated to house a new 385-unit residential building spanning nearly 375,000 square feet, bringing new life and activity into the retired Rheingold Brewery site./p>

Carving the plaza like a river, brick and concrete pavers undulate from Stanwix Street to Evergreen Avenue. Mounded shapes of landscape contour up towards the building defining a pronounced open space, host to concrete benches, moveable table and chairs, lush grasses and ornamental trees. Galleries and restaurants on the ground floor enliven the space, providing a variety of incentives drawing guests in, out, and to and from the plaza.