135 West 52nd Street


135 West 52nd Street is a luxury residential condominium conversion. Located in the heart of Manhattan, and inspired by the energy and excitement of the neighborhood, 135 West 52nd Street’s design is vibrant and modern, reflective of the surrounding urban context.

Only the building’s original structure remains as the architect designed a new building façade of glass and metal to accentuate the structure’s form of stacked volumes. This created a glistening tower effect in contrast to the original dark masonry facade.

MPFP collaborated with French artist Thierry Dreyfus and CetraRuddy Architects to provide terrace spaces, indoor plantings and a privately owned public space accessible to the community. The overall design approach, informed by the Midtown location, takes its cues from the lights and dynamism of living at the center of New York City and combines sophisticated, contemporary materials with expansive views that contribute to the essence of the building.