437 Madison Avenue


With 800,000 square feet of prime commercial office space, 437 Madison Avenue, a 40-story building, sits at the epicenter of one of the world’s most prestigious thoroughfares, flanked by internationally famed hotels, boutiques and restaurants, and within close proximity of Central Park. Sage Realty commissioned MPFP to revitalize the plaza at 437 Madison Avenue as part of a complete building capital improvement program featuring fully modern environments.

The plaza serves as the literal and figurative centerpiece of the building, an idyllic refuge for tenants and the general public. Capital improvements will focus on maintaining and upgrading this prized community resource with the installation of new paving stones and the addition of large planting beds featuring Heritage River Birch Trees and bicolored springtime daffodils. For tenants and other visitors, the plaza provides the perfect setting to eat lunch or take time out from the busy workday.