77 Commercial


The proposed project, Waterview at Greenpoint, includes a six-story building providing 200 units of affordable housing, two separate residential towers housing 520 units of market-rate apartments, approximately 25,000 sq. ft. of ground floor retail, a privately owned public space, and a garage.

Currently a two-story warehouse, 77 Commercial Street is covering a majority of the lot and operates on a short-term lease. The development Waterview at Greenpoint sought a zoning special permit for maximum base and building heights and minimum setbacks which it contends are needed to accommodate the development, enhanced flood resiliency, and site design. Waterview at Greenpoint also applied with the Department of City Planning for a zoning text amendment to facilitate the planned mixed-use development.

MPFP was brought on board to design roof terraces and the community space, integrating living green space into the building facade and the Brooklyn skyline. The public space, aligning with the waterfront will provide the community with recreational active and passive space and will capitalize on the dramatic waterfront views into Manhattan.