Diamond Teague Park at Southeast Federal Center

Washington, DC
As an integral component of the 20-mile Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, MPFP designed a 580-foot pier connecting The Yards to Diamond Teague Park at National Stadium. The Pier is constructed of ipe decking, steel cable rails and aluminum to mimick materials commonly found in the original state of The Yards.

Composed of ipe timber, steel piles and beams, the bridge accomplished an ADA-accepted grade change that also achieved skimmer boat clearance. At the peak of the bridge’s elevation, which is also the juncture of the two pier systems, the pier widens with two aluminum grating overlooks. The overlook faces the Anacostia River and includes benches and lighting; the overlook facing DC’s waterways will include interpretative graphics illustrating the history of DC’s waterways, the operation systems of the current water facilities, and water quality improvement initiatives that DC water is developing. When completed, the Pier from The Yards to Diamond Teague will add another 2,500 linear foot section of the Riverwalk to the more than 10-miles completed to date.