DLF Sector 74

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Gurgaon, India

Teeming with water features, pedestrian paths, intimate seating areas, and lush, passive gardens, MPFP’s commercial development landscape provides office building tenants with reprieve in this 24-hour-active space. Gentle, meandering curves, grass pods, a river feature, and a cascading fountain give the property an ethereal feel that contrasts the sharp-angled fabric canopies outwardly stretching from the buildings’ façades. A high-end waterfront restaurant on the property provides tenants a local dining option.

Vehicular traffic enters the property through a grand entry way, complete with palm tree-lined islands and cascading water-walls. Traffic then flows within a network of roads that span the property, utilizing traffic calming devices and lush plantings, to carve safe and accessible pathways into the property. Resting atop a structural deck, MPFP integrated underground parking into this complex.