DLF Sector 82


Gurgaon, India

Experiencing recent rapid growth, Gurgaon, India has great need for new housing. This surge in development came with a need for strong design to set new developments apart and to create new and interesting places within this community. MPFP was commissioned by DLF New Gurgaon Home Developer to bring innovation and strategic design to a Sector 82A housing project in India.

Vital to its existence as a livable city are safe and open landscapes that provide residents and visitors alike with opportunities for leisure and escape from crowded, trafficked streets. This project includes a composition of four exclusive high rise towers, a clubhouse with trellised gardens, a tennis court, a children’s pool, and lap pool, all constructed on a structural deck to allow for below-grade parking.

Distinctive green entry gardens adorned with illuminated water features give each tower its own sense of community, while stretches of pedestrian pathways outlined by lush lawns, shrubs and trees link each complex together. MPFP’s lush landscape design bestows residents with a secure oasis for dynamic, comfortable lives.