Jackson Avenue


MPFP was brought on board to design the public plazas at street level and elevated roof terraces, all complementary to the newly proposed mixed-use development at Jackson Avenue and Crane Street in Long Island City. Once a graffiti artist hangout, MPFP’s design concept draws on the site’s history, integrating graffiti walls, sculpture pads for seasonal exhibits, and industrial materials such as architectural concrete, metal cladding and asphalt pavers to emphasize the industrial phase of this area.

MPFP was also in charge of creating an interior concept for a courtyard, the second floor terrace and fourth floor rooftop. Distinguishing each space with different activities and aesthetics, their common design elements were to provide passive space for relaxing, active spaces for socializing and hosting, and a bocce court on the rooftop for private recreation. The building also hosts several art galleries; new public spaces defined by green walls, a multitude of seating, an interactive fountain, children’s play zones and lush plantings were introduced to the space to accommodate a wide range of ages and interests.