Park 2000 of Holon


This unique park of the 21st century serves as a hub of recreation, entertainment, culture, and education. It is both an active, engaging urban park as well as a passive, lush facility providing quiet reflection.

Organized around a linear water body, a canal forms after a dramatic waterfall and travels the length of the park, terminating in a large pond near a children’s discovery space, an IMAX theater, and a 5,000-foot grass bowl amphitheater. A multi-purpose hangar-like structure, show room, disco, and concert hall were placed adjacent to dining facilities accommodating both quick meals and formal dining.

The focal point of this development is the central park, accommodating myriad spots facilities and activities including tennis, soccer, basketball, handball, and rollerblading. Aiming to provide a place for children, the park becomes a family-friendly space drawing local, national and international audiences and visitors.