The Yards

As part of a renewed focus on the Anacostia River for the city of Washington, D.C., MPFP worked integrally with a multi-disciplinarian team to transform an area of industrial waterfront into a vibrant, world-class park to serve the City’s residents well into the future.

The park provides a unique nexus between the river, active and passive recreational areas, commercial interests and local residents. It is one of four primary urban waterfront destinations in the Nation’s Capital and is a quick walk to or from the Washington National ballpark. It has become an important punctuation in the broader waterfront experience as 20-Miles of the Anacostia River walk and Trail are developed.

MPFP’s approach for the Yards at Southeast Federal Center Park was defined by responding to these broader goals, such as: diversity in program, dynamic forms, the integration of public and private spaces, and a balance between the built and natural environments.