Transpotomac Canal Center

Alexandria, VA
This project is located in old town Alexandria, on the shores of the Potomac River across from the Washington Monument. MPFP’s plan integrates the office development with the public waterfront by creating a promenade along the river’s edge and around the restored canal. The plan also provided design solutions for placing 75 percent of the planting and outdoor spaces over underground parking structures, due to the site’s restraints.

The Promenade begins with a 30-foot tall spear that penetrates the earth, creating the first fountain and the source of all water that travels the site. From there, water cascades through a series of pools, encircling sculptures and disappearing mysteriously into the ground.

Pedestrians are encouraged to enter the project via a series of water features that cascade from the higher entry level of the office buildings down to the river and the canal area. This formal axis, called the Promenade Classique, was a collaboration with artists Anne & Patrick Poirier of Paris, France.