Hallets Point


Transforming the Astoria, Queens skyline, this groundbreaking waterfront park rests at the foot of a proposed supermarket and affordable housing development with intent to integrate community facilities, commercial diversity, and affordable housing into the immediate neighborhood. MPFP was brought on board to design the public and open spaces adjacent to Building 1, and exterior terrace spaces on the 4th and 8th floors.

On the ground floor, MPFP introduced ornamental trees, shrubs and planters to bring color and planting into the streetscape. Dining areas and outdoor rooms dot the 4th floor terrace providing private and hosting spaces for tenants of this affordable housing development. Stepping stones line the Western rooftop parapet accentuating the natural panoramic views from the building’s vantage point. The 8th floor acts as an extension of the 4th floor lounging spaces, providing more outdoor rooms and seating areas and a specific area for sun bathing.